320 Singleton Blvd #190 Dallas, TX 75212

Tel.(972) 863-8070 .

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We take Orders on Christmas Cakes



Since our very first opening about 10 years ago, we have been operating under several different names.


As our 10th anniversary quickly approaches, we are now launching under a new motherbrand: Dulcet Cafe & Bakery. Our primary objective is to provide high quality coffee along with a fresh baked bakery. 


Our vision is simple: brewing highest quality coffee along with best Southern hospitality w fresh bakery . 


We will be working in partnership with some of the most renowned roasters both domestic and international, in order to bring the best blend to our customers. 

Our motivation is to bring roasters from all over the world so that our customers could experience and discover something new and different.

Pour-over Coffee 


Why pour-over-coffee, instead of coffee maker drip?


After searching for the best roast, it would be a crazy to go against manual brewing for the sake of saving few minutes.


Hand-pour method allows us to control the speed and time while pouring the water, which in turn gives water more time to blend with the grounds.

Hence, the flavor would be a lot more rich and flavorful. 

Coffee Beans


Coffee Beans are seeds of berries from coffee plants. Once they are ripe, coffee berries are then picked, processed, and dried.


Dried coffee seeds are roasted to varying degrees to create different desired flavors.


Once again, we work with some of the renowned roasters both domestic and international to bring you our best blend.  

Bakery & Sandwich


Our goal is to become a neighborhood bakery where anyone and everyone can enjoy daily fresh made breads, cakes, cookies, and desserts.


Our baked goods are always crafted with premium ingredients only.


Enjoy sandwiches made fresh from freshly made loaves of bread. Don't stop here, try our desserts, sweeter things in life can not be overlooked. 


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